My Star Has Fallen!

Wow!  I can’t believe I’m now a dinkum Author!  Wow!

Did it all FREE through Amazon/Kindle!  Wow!

Anyways, here’s what I’ve had to do – get my blog up to date and find the rss feed link, didn’t find it, but going to do a quick blog.

​for the e-book at 99c
for the paperback at 39.99

My latest “turn time into money” web page

And my latest virtual art

… and my latest musical composition done by myself and my duo Partner, Graeme Robertson


What I’ve learned about using the REBRANDING affiliate marketing style


I am a member of SMART REBRANDER.  I’m going to copy/paste a url here which has been rebranded to use my details as the recipient of any commissions made from this publication of it.  You are welcome to join as one of my recruits and have the same powers – FREE.  You may, of course, join up and upgrade to enjoy more benefits – up to you.

Publication: Marianne Williamson – On Focus Category: Body, Mind and Spirit Collection: Inspirational Quotes: From Leaders and Teachers Publisher: Chris Cade

I have also copy/pasted a letter I received from Heide explaining the concept of “rebranding”.

“Rebranding is incredibly easy.

All you need to do is insert your affiliate ID into any publication in our Library, and add it to your Blog, Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Google+, Twitter, Linked-in, and anywhere else you can post a status update.

  • Product owners pay you a commission every time someone makes a purchase via a link in a Video, Image or eBook you shared on Social Media or posted on your blog.
  • People are far more likely to purchase a product or a service through a useful video or book, than an ad.
  • The more content you share, the more people will see it, the more affiliate commissions you will earn.

For example:

Smart Rebrander pays you a 50% commission (monthlyl recurring) on every subscription, Trial, Premium and Renewals.

The great thing about recurring commissions, is they keep coming in, month after month after month.

And to earn these type of income, all you have to do is distribute (share) the content you like best.

How This Works

When you rebrand a publication, your Smart Rebrander affiliate ID is inserted in that publication, so when a person you shared the publication with, clicks on one of our links they are taken back to our site. Now here comes the best part, 1 in 5 people join our site straight away, that is a 20% conversion rate which is pretty awesome. And once they join, they become your referral for life.

  • With a free subscription, Smart Rebranders get a license to rebrand 5 publications
  • With a Premium subscription (just $37 a month) Smart Rebranders get a license to rebrand 2,000+ publications
  • You can also try the Premium subscription for just $5 (for a full month).

Just think about it, $37 a month gives you access to amazing content, that you can rebrand, share (anywhere you like) and earn affiliate commissions.

It’s really never been this easy.

The New Affiliate Interface

Once we release the new affiliate interface, you will be able to earn even more affiliate commissions from top products and services in 27 popular niches, with no extra effort on your part.

All you will need to do is,

  1. In the Library, go to the [rebranded publications] tab
  2. Rebrand any rebranded publication again 
  3. Our video player, image player and pdf player will remotely update all publications with your affiliate ID’s

You won’t even need to share them again.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

New content is added to our Library every day.”


ABOUT ME… (Raine Carosin)



I’m all in favour of posting links for people interested in my art and creativity to easily navigate to the various sites where I post my works.

Here follows some of the links.  A www search of just my name (which is unique at this moment), will bring up many other sites to browse for such things as short stories and poetry I’ve written, as well as music I like to create and collaborate.

ART/DESIGN EXHIBITION featuring Raine Carosin/ :

To see prices and delivery of products, please follow this link:*  (Discounts offered on bulk purchases)

Should you require an item with a unique design, please contact me and
you’ll be able to purchase your finished product via

There are many more of my designs @ my store, so please feel free to browse.

It doesn’t cost anything to join zazzle as a designer.  All you need is your
passion, talent, pc and photography.

Warmest wishes
Raine and Pierre

Here’s where to buy/create corporate gifts!!!*