SCHIZOPHRENIC and enjoying it!!!

Well, I’ve been schizophrenic for a lot longer than the date stamped on my fuzzy signature on some long-forgotten document in a dark filing cabinet in Sterkfontein Mental Hospital, Gauteng, South Africa.  That signature came about after being forcefully given an injection while 4 or 5 men held me down in a Johannesburg hospital, and me yelling at the top of my voice that “they are trying to KILL ME!!!  Mommy!!!!” when I saw the air-bubble in the syringe coming ever closer to my arm!  It was frightful, but I went in and out of some kind of unconciousness while the ambulance I was in seemed on an endless journey….  I was roughly shaken to be told that we had reached “our” destination and that I  had to sign a document…  I only knew that I shouldn’t sign any document without knowing what it contained, and said I wasn’t going to, and the people in the ambulance nagged me, saying they couldn’t drop me off if I didn’t sign, and eventually, through the fog, I signed the darned paper and they were happy and I was trundled into a cell-like room with a high single “bench-bed”…  I just climbed on it, determined not to argue with anyone and thought I had died…

Well, a lot has happened since then, and one of the “events” I have vid-doccied…  Here’s the link:

I’ve done a lot of writing and updating since those days, and you’ll find all you need to know about me on the world wide web…  Just do a search of my still as unique name RAINE CAROSIN, and I’m sure there are enough links there to keep one busy for a long time…  I’ve tried to become successful at being a “labelled mental case”…  LOL!  Onwards to the next blog here…  :-}




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